Month: May 2024

In for a Treat: Discovering the Gems of Telugu Comedy Films on aha OTT

 When life throws you a curveball, Telugu cinema offers the much-needed relief from laughter!  Telugu cinema is recognized for its action and drama. But it also has a vibrant comedy scene. We’re talking about romanticfunny Telugu moviesthat will make you laugh harder than anything. They are complete with hilarious characters.

Take a moment to put the subtitles away and prepare to discover a plethora of hilarious gems. Funny Telugu movies has something amusing for everyone, ranging from clever wordplay to slapstick humour. This manual will function as your road map as you explore the hilarious world of Telugu comedy films.

We’ll offer must-watch recommendations and reveal the distinctive qualities of Telugu humour. Hold on tight because this is going to be a laugh riot.

  1. First Day First Show 

Seenu is an 18-year-old student. His idol is Pawan Kalyan. And he never misses the opportunity to catch his movies on the big screen. His excitement peaks when he sets out to find tickets for the premiere of “Kushi”. Things take an unexpected turn when Laya, the girl he has a crush on, agrees to accompany him to the screening, adding a thrilling twist to his quest.

  1. DJ Tillu 

Though his father disapproves of his career choice, DJ Tillu, a vibrant local DJ, embraces life with gusto. As Tillu stumbles upon Radhika while daydreaming about becoming a famous DJ, he falls head over heels. Tillu is left frantically trying to free himself from the chaos after Radhika inadvertently throws him into it. Tillu shows his resiliency and resolve as he works his way out of this situation as the story progresses.

  1. Boy Friend For Hire 

Desirable single Arjun embarks on a novel career as a “Boyfriend for Hire,” which keeps him in high demand from many women. In the middle of all of this, he can’t help but be enthralled with Divya. However, when Divya comes to him for help with a personal issue, their dynamic takes a surprising turn. What makes Arjun choose this unusual path for his career? Will he be able to help Divya succeed, or will something unexpected happen that changes their path?

Get Ready to ROFL! 

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So take a seat, and get ready for an experience with aha OTT that will make you laugh a lot.

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